The Firm

Our Story

We are a Canadian research team with a strong background in equity research, investment analysis and investment banking. We founded BlackOre because we believe that equity research can be done by independent firms with no brokerage or investment banking ties with the issuers. We believe that we have a duty to stand by our core values of integrity, excellence, and accountability when dealing with our clients, our readers, and more importantly, the investment community. 

Currently, we cover issuers that have operations based in Canada, China and the United States. Our coverage space includes public companies listed on NASDAQ, TSX, other major exchanges and OTC markets, as well as private issuers looking to raise capital through private exemptions. We provide issuer-paid research (sponsored research) as well as non-sponsored research reports that we publish on our own for our readers and subscribers.


Our Values


Independent and unbiased research

Providing objective independent research is our most important mandate. We will not take incentive payments from clients that may distort our independent judgment. We are only interested in publishing unbiased opinion of the companies we cover, and we prohibit our analysts from accepting any form of incentive payment for writing favourable reports, including small gifts, dinners or travel reimbursement from the issuer. We understand that independence matters in research. You can be assured that we hold ourselves to even higher ethical standards than common industry practices to ensure that our reputation is not tarnished by any perceived conflict of interest.


Niche research at blue chip quality

At BlackOre, you can expect the same calibre of research quality in our reports seen in those by reputable research houses covering blue chip companies. We believe that each issuer under our coverage umbrella deserves the same if not more attention than large cap companies because of the niche nature of their businesses and less available information in the market. We dig deep beyond the surface of companies into the underlying offering structure to discover any misalignment of interest, and voice our clear opinion of the overall viability of the businesses we examine.


On-time delivery without compromising quality

With all issuer-paid research, we provide money-back guarantee of timely publication of reports. Should we fail to deliver our product on-time, we will refund the full engagement fees to the client. We will never compromise our research quality to meet deadlines. We know our capabilities and capacity, and we will turn down engagements if we do not have the capacity to ensure the high quality to which we hold ourselves. 

Note on ethics standard: BlackOre and its staffs follow the Codes, Standards and Guidelines set forth by the CFA Institute regarding the overall professional conduct, specifically on issuer-paid research and disclosure of analyst compensation. For more information, please consult CFA Institute's Analyst/Issuer Guidelines and Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.