More challenges for BlackBerry

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: Following the debut of the latest Z10 device with full touch screen feature, Research in Motion's share price dropped 12% on the date of release and another 6% the following day. The decline in share price does not come at a surprise as RIM faces several key challenges for its new product.

Graphene: a revolutionary material?

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Graphene, which is a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, has gained considerable attention after researchers were able to extract graphene from bulk graphite in 2004.

New zinc-based technology in LCD and solar cells may significantly decrease cost and ease demand of indium

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: Researchers from the University of Oxford have devised a method to lower the manufacturing costs of thin—film solar cells and LCD displays.