The third natural gas pipeline across Northern BC, aiming at Asian markets

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: Natural gas consumption and production imbalance – poised for shale gas development Spectra Energy Corp. (NYSE:SE) and BC Group PLC (LSE:BG.L) are teaming up to build a new natural gas pipe line from northeastern BC to Prince Rupert aiming to export to the Asian markets including China.

Wisconsin announced new programs to promote renewable energy

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Incentives for renewable energy are essential for the success of the industry, as most renewable energy technologies cannot compete with fossil fuel based on technology alone.

Avoid natural gas players? Not those in China

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: China is one of the largest energy consuming nations in the world and recently began stepping up its domestic natural gas development and investments by tapping into its domestic shale gas reserves to meet the growing domestic demand and support its energy policy.

Japan proposes incentives for renewable energy to help reduce nuclear dependence

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Japan produced approximately 30% of their electrical needs through nuclear reactors before the Fukushima crisis. Since the crisis, Japan has been placing its 50 nuclear reactors offline for maintenance, with the last scheduled for shutdown next month.

A new start for the aviation industry as airlines move toward environmentally friendly biofuels

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: On April 18, 2012, the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) successfully flew a 787 Dreamliner, fueled by a biofuel and jet fuel mixture, across the Pacific Ocean from Evert, Washington to Tokyo Japan.

Kinder Morgan is proposing an expansion of its existing Trans Mountain pipeline system as strong oil producer demand and uncertainty of other similar pipeline projects remains strong

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Continued demand for increased pipeline capacity from the Canadian oil sands to alternative destinations from Cushing Oklahoma in a bid to reduce the supply gut has prompted Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (NYSE: KMP) to propose an expansion of their existing pipeline from Edmonton to Vancouver.

Waste Management Inc. invests in alternative energy aimed at converting solid waste into chemicals and energy

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: Waste Management Inc. (WM) has invested in 8 alternative energy companies focused on converting municipal solid waste into chemicals and energy. Waste management currently has 17 waste-to-energy plants and captures methane from 131 landfill facilities.

Pakistan may boost solar power as a means to reduce energy shortages

Analyst Commentary, Matthew Bovencamp: The Pakistan Electric Company estimates electricity demand in Pakistan at 16,000 MW of electricity per day. However, Pakistan produces only 13,000 MW per day, causing millions of residents to endure daily electricity cuts.

Energy tight Japan looking to Canada for resources, particularly liquid natural gas (LNG)

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: With the last two of the 54 nuclear power plants scheduled to be removed from power generating service next month, Japan is left with a likely power shortage this coming summer season when the demand peaks.