More challenges for BlackBerry

Analyst Commentary, Miller Chu: Following the debut of the latest Z10 device with full touch screen feature, Research in Motion's share price dropped 12% on the date of release and another 6% the following day. The decline in share price does not come at a surprise as RIM faces several key challenges for its new product.

1. The new device will not be available in the U.S., one of the largest smartphone markets, until March or April. Consumers have to wait another month or two, which is quite a long time considering the rapid evolvement of technologies at this day and age. Will the consumers have patient to wait? 

2. The new phone will cost about $149 to $199 with contract, making it relatively more expensive when compared to Google's Android devices. The price is not far from Apple's iPhone starting at $199 with contract. With over 90% of the market share controlled by Apple's iPhone and Google’s Android, the appeal for someone to switch to BlackBerry is quite minimal.

 3. Lack of apps to support the new phone. Some of the major apps that many people use every day are not available in BlackBerry app store including Google Map, Netflix and Yelp. However, do keep in mind that Blackberry does still have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LINE. BlackBerry's ability to get some of the major apps in store will be crucial to the success of the new release.

Even though the new BlackBerry device has received positive feedbacks, the new device might have come too late. Both Apple's iPhone and Google's Android devices have been on the market for years, with large market shares, making the catch up even tougher. 

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