Real Estate

Real estate offers unique opportunities for players who have access to privileged market information and debt financing. Many of these players have investment options for outside investors through the exempt market, so that investors can participate in projects like development projects such as multi-family or commercial buildings, as well as pooled rent and mortgage investments. At BlackOre, we provide the insight and analysis necessary for investors to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

One of the most critical steps in evaluating any real estate investment is a thorough understanding of the location, such as proximity to amenities or schools and a thorough understanding of future developments through the municipal development plans. Our analysis allows us to dig deep into the characteristics of each investment and communicate to investors the idiosyncratic risks and associated returns of each project. 

Our analysts weigh all the factors, from micro to macro, including local sale and price trends, existing inventory and absorption levels and building permits, to unemployment, household income level and government regulations to provide our overall assessment of each project.

In addition, we go one step further to understand the investment structure and management team behind the project. An attractive project may not always be coupled with an appropriate investment structure to align with investor interests, and sometimes management may lack the expertise to properly execute the investment strategy.